Misconceptions and FAQ's:

Are you the one on the loop or on Hill Street off of Raguet?

We are on the loop next to Borden Dairy between Webber Street and Lotus Lane.Lufkin Animal Control is at 1901 Hill Street and also has an adoption center which is Kurth Memorial Adoption Center.

I think you picked up my dog/cat.

Winnie Berry Humane Society does not pick up animals and has no legal authority to enforce animal cruelty or any other laws. Lufkin Animal Control and Angelina Sherriff's Dept. are the two entities in Angelina County that have Animal Control Officers. All animals regardless of who picked them up are taken to Lufkin Animal Control / Kurth Memorial Adoption Center at 1901 Hill St. Their number is (936) 633-0218.

You take animals regardless of their condition.

We look at each surrender on a case by case basis. Medical bills on some animals can run into the thousands of dollars.

Is that dog Petey/Rolf/Pluto that we saw on________ housebroken?

Even though any animal that is surrendered to us may be reported to be housebroken, good with kids, cats, women, or men, animals need an adjustment period in a new home and we cannot say with all certainty of what one of our animals will act like when you take them home.

I have a litter of puppies or kittens that I am going to bring to you.

Age for a surrender is 4 months. Animals under 5 months cannot be spayed /neutered and we are required by the state to do so on every animal adopted out. Litters that have not been weaned yet are another area that prohibits us from taking in kittens and puppies because bottle feedings are every 2 hours. Unfortunately, we do not have the staff to bottle feed and care for them as their own mother would.

Can I adopt if I live outside Angelina County?


How does your Income based Spay and Neuter program work?

It is a tier based program where cost is based on your income. If you make under $40,000 a year you can qualify.
Bring in:


  1. Proof of Household Income
  2. Utility bill with your name and address on it
  3. Your driver's license
  4. Payment due at time of surgery paperwork completion


Do you take in strays?

We do not. Exceptions are made for animals that are lost and someone has attempted to locate the animals home.

How much are surrender fees?

$55.00 This helps in caring for the animals and assisting in the cost of vetting the animal.

How much are your adoption fees and what is included?

For most it is $80. Commonly we get pure breed dogs and cats. To try to discourage unscrupulous people from trying to turn a profit by adopting and then selling in a parking lot or flea market, we do have adoption fees that range from $100 up. Each animal is Spayed/Neutered, Rabies Shot, Vaccinated, and Microchipped. The cost of doing all of this on your own can easily run upwards from $250 depending on the size of the dog or cat.

Can you microchip or vaccinate my dog or cat?

Yes! Thanks to partnering with Petco Love, we currently offer a Free Vaccine Clinic by appointment only. Call us to learn more or schedule your appointment today!