We would like to give a huge thank you to the CHI St. Luke Memorial Hospital for their generous donation to the shelter. We are so happy to have received this donation. The staff, animals and board truly appreciate it! Thank you again for choosing to donate to the Winnie Berry Humane Society!

If you would like to donate in another way/form please contact us by email at executivedirector@winnieberry.org, by phone at (936) 639-1880, or through Facebook

Once donations are received, we do send a letter of thanks, if you haven't heard from us in a timely manner, please contact us.

For donation needs please visit our Shelter Needs page

If you're shopping on Amazon like many of us already do, there's a way to help give back to the shelter. You can buy the same great Amazon products, including those from Amazon Prime while donating .5% of the price of your eligible items.